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How you doing out there??

Has the constant stream of news and doom circulating about COVID-19 left you feeling a bit nervous and concerned about your health? Like you want to hide until you hear the all clear?! I see you and hear you. I'm feeling overwhelmed too.

That's why I'm dropping in here today to pass on some GOOD NEWS! Ready?

I'm here to tell you that your body is a miraculous system to support you no matter what!

Take a deep breath, let your shoulders drop and feel how amazingly complex and intelligent your body is. Your immune system is on constant surveillance so you can move through the world in relative ease. Isn't that amazing?! Let that soak in a minute.

If you'd like to be proactive about your health check out this video by my Qi Gong teacher, Master Liu He, Immune Boosting Qi Gong.This form is specific for improving lung function, clearing the airway and stimulating it's natural immune defense to ward off external influences such as viruses.

In addition to all the other suggestions for preventing illness - get some acupuncture! (You KNEW that was coming!) Really, prevention is the cornerstone of Chinese Medicine and you already have a place on my table. Come in for a tune-up soon!

Maybe you are searching among branches for what only appears in the Roots. 

                                                        -                                             -Rumi

Welcome to

Journey Health Acupuncture

I help women in menopausal transition to sleep better, have more energy and feel better about themselves so they can live radiantly and follow their heart’s desire.

I know how ‘the change’ feels. When I was 45 I was going along just fine, then gradually I began to notice changes in my body, my emotions and my relationships. Every year older seemed to add up to more aches and pains, hot flashes during the day and restless sleep with nights of full-on insomnia. My periods were unpredictable (and so were my moods!) Anxiety and depression began to effect my relationships and my work. Whether your menopause journey has just begun, is medication or surgically induced or you are fully in the throws of this life transition you are in the right place.

Really? You can help me sleep better, increase my energy, reduce my hot flashes? The simple answer is YES! Acupuncture, shiatsu and aroma therapy assists your body's intelligence to bring it back into balance.

Schedule your evaluation and treatment online today. We will develop a treatment plan specific to your body’s imbalances and get you back to your journey of life filled with balance and good health!


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