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Over 40? Self-care is your new BFF

Let's face it, 40 seemed a long way off a few years ago, right?!


But now it's here and you've started noticing things like a few aches and pains when you do an activity that is different than your usual daily routine. Like after hiking 10 miles last weekend or dusting off that kayak after a long hiatus or pulling weeds in the yard.

And maybe you are not sleeping as well as you did in your 20s? Perhaps you have more to manage now that you are truly ‘adulting’ and stress keeps you up at night. Or maybe it’s about your hormones, because in addition to worrying about all the things you need to do tomorrow, you are also breaking out in a sweat (aka night sweats) at 2am.

At 40, most of us are busier than ever with family activities, work schedules and life, it’s a struggle to eat properly. Prepared foods, drive-thru and take out are quick and easy but you may be noticing your gut is not that happy about it any more. Sluggish digestion and bloating might be paying you a visit more often that you care to admit.

And can we talk about weight gain? I know, it’s frustrating when you diet and work-out and still have that little pouch around your mid-section. (This is all about hormone changes related peri-menopause. But that’s another blog post.)The older we get, the more cortisol and inflammation play a huge role in the way our weight is managed and distributed in our bodies.

There IS hope! Keep reading… :)

Before 40 self-care was a mani/pedi and the occasional message. These are good and certainly they can stay on the list! However, regular acupuncture, bodywork and deep rest is now your new BFF.

Acupuncture dissolves the body’s “fight or flight” response. All of the above issues can be addressed with this one benefit. Staying in the ‘on-guard’ mode causes our heart rates, blood sugars, blood pressure and hormones to stay in the ‘ON’ position to deliver you from danger. (This would be good if you were fighting tigers for a living.)

We need to turn these responses down in order for all the healing mechanisms within all our body to have a chance to function and repair the daily wear and tear we experience.

You can celebrate and thrive at 40 and beyond with regular acupuncture and bodywork!

Acupuncture is cumulative so when you begin treatment it is advised to get a series of 6-8 weekly treatments. Then as you are feeling better, the visits are spaced further apart until ultimately you are coming for monthly maintenance treatments. Acupuncture is incredibly helpful at prevention so wellness visits are a great option at that point. Consider adding this to your self-care routine now.

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