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Aroma Point Therapy - Atlas Cedar

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This is our neighborhood park/forest, Pier Park in St. Johns. These beautiful firs and cedars are thick throughout the park and I often find myself walking among them for some Tree Qi infusion!

Aroma Point Therapy woods

I use Aroma Point Therapy in nearly all of my treatments. I like to think of the plant oils as vibrational allies that connect with a specific acupuncture point or region of the body. Tapping into the spirit of that plant essence allows us to engender change at a cellular, emotional and spiritual level.

One of my favorite oils to use is Atlas Cedarwood.

Atlas Cedar brings the spirit of the The Standing People; those gracious, bold, tall cedars that have been on the earth for thousands of years witnessing our humanity as no other species on earth. What power we can invoke from the oil of the Atlas Cedar tree! It can remind us that we are firmly grounded, connected and solid, that we have all the energy we need which flows smoothly from the earth to the heavens as we journey through our every day lives. In that grounded-ness we can bend and sway with the winds of change, transition and challenges, stand in our truth and offer support to our community via our healthy root matrix.

I often use this oil for patients that are feeling frazzled by life, stressed about the future, having difficulty making transitions or stuck in old patterns. I've witnessed chronic painful conditions improve dramatically, anxiety and tension diminish and long-held stress melt into relaxation and comfort after a session with Atlas Cedar. Some even report feeling like they are standing straighter and taller after a treatment!

My mentor, Tiffany Carole Pollard, calls Atlas Cedar the "Steady Scaffolding of the Internal City". Can't you just see the image of the tall cedar mirroring the spine and nervous system in our bodies? The scaffolding that holds all of us together; mind, spirit, body and provides the structure for living in the best possible way. Beautiful?! Yes!!

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