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Menopause and TLC

Menopause is a time that requires awareness, compassion and more than a little TLC. Below are some thoughts to ponder about how that might look for you. 1) Make a plan for YOU Self-care could mean ensuring you make the time for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Often women are caregivers for their children or spouse or aging parents while they’re going through menopause. With the many changes in our bodies during menopause it’s very important to shift some of the focus of care taking to ourselves. What does this look like? Perhaps 10 minutes a day for meditation or journaling, a nice bath or taking time to meet a girlfriend. Finding time to just BE without the to-do list staring

Foods for Winter Health

If you are shopping in any of the local grocery stores fresh fruits and vegetables are always available and we forget to eat according to the seasons. As the weather gets colder here in the Pacific NW we need to be mindful of eating foods that are in season and those that give our bodies the energy we need to stay at our best. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical system that has been around for nearly 4,000 years. When this system came into being, people were much more in tune with the seasons and their environment. The foods they consumed were based on the seasons and when those foods were available. This is a system that should be followed for people to remain healthy throughout the